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•  W H A T ?


A blind person taking photos? 

Are you crazy? 


Photography by the visually impaired is in the remotest of our imagination as most of us do not know that they can also see, they just do it differently! We live in a world of digital explosion, we are consuming images everyday and blind people are labeled as “non visual”. Being visual is not about what you can actually see with your eyes, but what you perceive. The paradox of opposing blindness to sight is the special element in this project. “Sighted people are very visual. Generally a good way to get their attention is through their eyes” says one of the project participants. 

•  H O W ?


Very simple.

Interested participants and a camera. 


I can show them how to use a camera, they can show us how to see. With the Blind Photography Project we have found different ways of understanding the space and break people’s perception of the blind as non-visual. We will go on dérives, walk as much as we want and wherever we want. There are no rules, no expectations. We will let the city surprise us through our unplanned city journeys.

•  W H Y ?


A person holding a camera and a white cane at the same time. 


The aim of this project is to break people’s perception of the blind and to find new ways of understanding the city. by giving them a tool no one expects: a camera. Photography has been the medium to establish contact with the blind community, the perfect bridge between sighted and blind. We found ways to communicate our inner views and expand our knowledge of the city, empowering blind people to show others the things we cannot see, overgrowing the role of “disabled” or “blind” in society.

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