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The Blind Photography Project

“I photograph what I imagine, the originals are inside my head” says blind photographer Evgen Bavcar. In Summer of 2015 I came across the work of blind photographers. But how can a blind person take photos? This was my reaction at the beginning and will be the question most often asked when someone first hears about it.


The idea that someone can take photos without seeing was fascinating and that is how the BPP began. I knew I could teach participants how to use a camera and they could show me other ways to see. The aim was to find different perspectives on the city, use photography as a tool for communication between sighted and blind and break people’s perception of the blind as non-visual. We would walk the city, unplanned journeys. No rules, no expectations.

After more than a year working on the Blind Photography Project, photography is an interesting input, but not the final conclusion. We may think that being blind is similar to closing our eyes, a camera obscura. But among all the persons I met, they all saw different.   

- Alejandra Loreto

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